Say hello to the new source of light!

For the first time in the history of lighting consumers can enjoy an entirely new form of light. Light from the just 1.8 millimeter-thick (~ 0.07 inches) Lumiblade OLED has its own characteristics that leave anything seen until now in the shadows. As soon as it is turned on, the entire surface of the OLED delivers pleasant, non-dazzling light at a quality that other light sources and systems cannot achieve.

With its Lumiblade OLEDs, Philips offers numerous variations of the new light source right out of the box. In different shapes, colors and on request with structure. To be ordered here in the web shop.

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  1. Lumiblade Plus 2 Experience Kit

    Lumiblade Plus 2 Experience Kit

    €242.00 ($336.38*)

    You can start saving immediately. Order an additional large OLED with one of our large OLEDs (Triangle, Square Tall or Square Dot Tall) and Lumiblade will give you the power supply and driver for free.

* The exact amount can vary due to currency fluctuation.